The Chumleys of Claiborne County, Tennessee is about the first recorded Chumleys, namely Robert and Betsy Chumley and their descendants.  There have been many who have researched this family line for many years and with the combined efforts, experience, and supportive data, this site is meant to provide information uniquely specific to the Robert and Betsy Chumley family line and to give an update on the progress of the book we are writing on this family line. Updates will be posted on the “Our Book” page.

This is a work in the making and I will be updating and adding information as time allows.  If you have any questions or have information you would like to share, you can either post a note on my Contact Me page or contact me directly at:

Kathy Chumley


  • Research Tips

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share a few online sites I discovered online that may be interesting to you, not just for the Chumley line, but any tree you might be searching. They may not be new sites to you, but I was sure excited to find them! 1) The Tennessee Virtual Archive (TeVA) is… Read more

  • Chumley Family Tree Table at the Genealogy Jamboree Oct 14-15, 2022

    Hello everyone,  I have finally gotten my ducks in a row and we are having a Chumley Family Tree table at the Genealogy Jamboree in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee this year.   Here is the link to their website:  https://cgtghg.org/genealogy-jamboree I have a lot of ideas about what to showcase at our table; old photos, charts, maps, family trees, etc.,… Read more

  • Check out a page from the Underwood Grove Book

    Order your copy today https://chumleyfamilytree.com/store/ The story of Underwood Grove Missionary Baptist Church begins with the 4 elders; Reverend John Thomas Freeman, Reverend John O. Evans, Reverend Thomas Sutton, and Reverend Henry Burrow Poore.  Who were these men, these pioneers?  We found information on these 4 men through census records, family genealogy, and a few… Read more

  • Cumberland Gap, Tennessee the place to be this weekend October 10, 2020

    This is the weekend to be in Cumberland Gap. Betty Russell and I will be selling our book on Saturday October 10th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Underwood Grove Missionary Baptist Church – The 125-year Journey for $30. Look for posters around local businesses for our location. I am excited to be in the… Read more

  • Children of Robert and Betsy

    The Family of Robert and Elizabeth “Betsy” Chumley 1. ANDREW CHUMBLEY was born on 18 Feb 1803 in Virginia. He died on 19 Oct 1892 in Jabez, Russell, Kentucky.  He married: (1) ELIZABETH “BETSY” CADLE (daughter of Mark Jackson Cadle and Mary Polly Covey) in Aug 1826 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. She was born in… Read more

  • Andrew Chumbley

    The following writing is by Alice Chumbley Lora, a direct descendant and a member of the Chumley/Chumbley Research Group: ANDREW CHUMBLEY, the eldest son of Robert Chumbley and Elizabeth Betsy Ford, was born about 1803 in Amelia (or Giles) County, Virginia. By 1840 he, along with his brothers John, Lewis and Robert Chumbley were living… Read more

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