Underwood Grove Missionary Baptist Church

The 125-year Journey

Written by Betty Patterson Russell

Co-authored and edited by Kathy Chumley

Underwood Grove Church of Claiborne County, Tennessee

Church minutes from 1891 were used to write about the history of the church and about the people who helped organize the church and who worked in the church through the years. Also included are generational families and their genealogy in relation to the works of the Church. Some of the families include Poore, Freeman, Evans, Tuttle, McMurray, Epperson, Powell, Chumley, Bryant, Goins, Gulley, Dyke, Patterson, just to name a few. A chapter is dedicated to all the Pastors we could find who served in the church. Numerous photos included in the book, shared by family members, other churches, and online resources. Due to rising postage rates and other fees, I have to increase shipping and handling $10. Total cost $40.00


Robert and Betsy Descendant Report through 5 generations

A couple of researchers helped me with proofing and creating a complete family tree through 5 generations starting with our oldest proven recorded ancestors, Robert and Betsy Chumley. We have now achieved a huge hurdle and you can download the 5 generation report, last updated 7/31/2020, here for a small donation. Once I have received your payment on PayPal, I will contact you via email on how you would like to receive the document; by a download or buy mail. Thank you for your interest.


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