My name is Kathy Chumley and I created this site in order to share information with other family researchers about the Chumleys from Claiborne County, Tennessee. Around 2009, I started researching my family line through the internet and I opened an Ancestry.com account. What I discovered about my family line was intense, in that I found several Chumley researchers who had many years of experience and were willing to share all they had with me. In 2010, the Chumley/Chumbley Research Group was formed.

The purpose of the Chumley Research Group is to gather information and do research on the descendants of Robert and Betsy Ford Chumley of Claiborne County, Tennessee. We research each family tree through 5 generations from Robert and Betsy Chumley, gathering records, photos, stories, in order to provide proof of the family line. Robert and Betsy had 9 children and in our group, we have direct descendants from most of those children. It is my goal to have a representative from each of the family line to assist anyone that would like to share information about each of the 9 family lines from Robert and Betsy. It will take time and work, but gradually I hope to provide this service in a way that can not be found anywhere else on the internet as it pertains to our family line.

Our Chumley Research Group has grown to over 50 members and 84 people on our email list from all parts of the United States, and include die-hard Chumley researchers who have been on this journey for many, many years, and all of which have either heard of or met in person Arva Chumley, who has since passed, but did a large amount of travel all over the United States for the purpose of interviewing Chumley descendants and hunting up cemeteries. Of course, we have shared her notes and information with each other, which gave us a solid platform to begin our research.

I hope to network with many, many family descendants of Robert and Betsy Chumley with the aid of this website. Please come back and see how our work on the site is coming along and feel free to offer suggestion and helpful information in our attempt to make our site easy to navigate and understand how to use the resources we provide.

If you would like to find out how you can join our Chumley Research Group, you can ask for information on my Contact Me page or email me directly at: chumleyfamilytree@gmail.com

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