April 1, 2020

Update as promised: I must admit that getting started on the Chumley book has been overwhelming. I had to order a new computer, which was a downer. I am sure that 1990 called and wanted their computer back, as it was acting up and getting reallllllyyyy slow. I don’t have the patience for slow. When my thoughts are working faster that the computer…well!!??

Besides getting a new computer, I have boxes and boxes of hard copy files to review and get organized in my new home in Virginia. I found a file cabinet at Goodwill for $15, which helped me get rid of 5 banker boxes. I hope it doesn’t take too much time to inventory, but it must be done for me to be organized when I do my writing. I was given a desk when I first moved to Virginia. It was originally my Great Aunt Hassie’s desk and it is huge! Not much storage, but the top is large enough I can spread out research and gather papers I need while I write. I read an article from one geno writer who said her first desk was an old door with a file cabinet on each end to hold it up, so I feel very fortunate to have my Aunt Hassie’s hand-me-down.

I found some great tips on Family Tree Magazine webpage.  I found this article very helpful in not just organizing my “stuff” but also how to organize my time.  This is where I have the most difficulty…what should I be working on now?  The link below will take you to the article.  I do not not if you have to set up an account to read this article, but even if you do have to set up an account, it is free.  I have subscribed for a couple of years now and my email is not flooded with unwanted emails from them.  I have bookmarked their site, so I have easy access and they have soooo many tools to help you with your genealogy needs.  I encourage you to click on the link and check out this article. Organizing Your Genealogy Workspace Like the Pros

Here are some ideas from this article that I used to get organized:

Semi-Circular Command Center, Photo Detective Maureen A. Taylor – I appreciate the logistics of her setup.  She is the one I mentioned above, that started out with a door sitting on 2 file cabinets for her desk…talk about determination.  She was setting herself up to do her job and then when she was able, she upgraded based on what she experienced from workspace that she had.  She likes her semi-circular work area because she has easier access to her resources; books, files, computer, scanner, etc.  My takeaway from this article was take a look around and see what you already have, test it out, make improvements as you are able.

I also love the schedule she set up for herself.  Her tips on having 2 to-do lists; one list for ongoing projects and one list for the day, week, etc.  This has freed my mind people!  How much stuff I tried to keep track of and nothing I came up with ever worked.  Now that I have used this advice, it is like common sense…like a real “duh” moment when you realize how natural it all comes together and how at the end of the day you feel like you have made some progress toward your ultimate goal.  For me, it is in my writing.  I have a daily morning routine, checking email, returning messages, phone calls, but then I allow myself a set time for 2 major projects I am working towards.  I give myself 4 hours a day on the Chumley/Chumbley Research/book project and then 4 hours on the publication of the 125-years of Underwood Grove Baptist Church.  If something comes up while I am working on one of those projects, I decide “does it go on my short to-do list or my ongoing to-do list.”  Put it on the list and get back to my project.  This has set me free people!  Maybe it is just the way God made my mind work, but I am doing my happy dance due to this routine.

Okay now, my allowed time for this blog is over and time to get to work.  I hope you enjoyed the blog today.  Please give me some feedback; all comments are welcome, as I could use all the help I can get right now.  LOL

A reminder to you who follow along, I will be posting an update on the first day of each month.  So, until next time, God bless, keep safe during this COVID-19 pandemic, and use some of your isolation time to get going on your genealogy!


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