May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

The month of April was Crazy.  I am happy to say we are now putting the final touches on the 125-year History of Underwood Grove Baptist Church.  I am so excited how it has turned out.  The collaboration between Betty Russell and I was amazing.  Betty has done the grunt work, running all over Claiborne County for research to fill in the blanks of what we found in the church minutes.  She made phone calls, sent me photos and information via text messaging, and I think she has caught the geno bug!  Yep, she has actually started researching her own family tree and is so excited to find connections to the history of the church to her own family!  It has been awesome to watch her get excited about her family history.

Organizing my digital files that I have collected on the Chumley history has been a challenge, but I have my files on my computer down to 3 main folders with numerous folders under each of the 3 main folders.  That was a real mindbender putting those in some kind of order and there were so many duplicates!  Geezers!  Next goal is to get my paper files and books in order so that as I am writing I have every resource within reach.  Once the Underwood Book is completed, I will have more time to tackle my Chumley Research Project to-do lists.  I am not ready to set a date for when I will continue the writing of our Chumley history book.  I will certainly be excited to let you know when I do get started.

I am excited about setting up a surname tent at the Cumberland Gap, Tennessee Genealogy Jamboree in October this year.  One of our Chumley Researcher had suggested this a few years back and I have just been waiting for the right time to plan it.  So, I contacted the Claiborne County Historical & Genealogy Society for information and I making a to-do list to get ready for it.  One thing I know, I will need help at the tent.  So, I am looking for volunteers at the event, which will be Friday and Saturday, October 16 and 17, from 9-5.  Also, I am looking for ideas about specific things we can offer at the tent, besides information.  Send me an email as soon as possible and let me know if you can sit with me a few hours at the tent and let me know your ideas at

During April, I did achieve many of my short-term goals.  I renewed my membership at the Claiborne County Historical & Genealogy Society, and I became a member of the Ameila County Historical Society here in Ameila County, Virginia.  I also became a member of the Virginia Genealogical Society here in Richmond, Virginia.  I am glad I was able to join these groups without having to leave the house, and I feel being a member of these organizations will be very helpful in our Chumley Research Project.

Another short-term goal I can cross off my list, I invested in some business cards and mailing labels I can use when I need to contact others for our Chumley Research Project.

business card

This photo shows the front and back of the cards and would love some feedback, good or bad.  If anyone wants some cards, you can leave your mailing address at the above email address and I can send you the number of cards you want.  I think these will be useful at the October Genealogy Jamboree.  A little marketing will help our cause to get a book published on our family.

Hope you are encouraged where we are headed with our Chumley/Chumbley Research Project.  Send me some feedback and let me know your ideas.

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