June 1, 2020

Since we last talked, so much has happened.  I am slowing getting my office and research materials in shape.  It is that work no one likes to do, but it sure makes better use of our time if we know where to find things.  I am still finding things I forgot I had or stumbling on new information and trying to figure out where I should file that information while organizing my older work.  By next month, I am sure things will be so much closer to working on the actual book.  Here are some examples of the progress I made this last month.

1 – I posted the descendant report for Robert and Betsy Chumley through 5 generations.  Check out the post under Family trees.  One member of our group already found a format error, so I will have to update that report toot sweet.  I explained in the post, I am sure we will find some corrections, but our efforts were worthy to be posted and this blog is the only place it has been posted, so yeah team!

2 – I paid extra for removing ads from the blog.  One of my cousins sent me a screen shot he was seeing on a blog he read, and I am like Whaaaaa???  It was funny because he said his first thought was “Is Kathy doing a yoga pose, and why is she doing it in the middle of this blog?”  LOL  we got a good laugh out it, but if you are like me, I very much dislike ads interrupting me when I am trying to read something.  Most often, I find they pop up and confuse me how to get back to what I was reading.  So problem solved, no more ads.  If you see one let me know, thanks!

3 – The Underwood Book is done!!!  We just need to decide where to get it published.  I will be making a trip to Tennessee sometime in June and lay down some plastic to get er’ done.  I learned so much about the history of my home church and how many ancestors involved in the church were in my family tree!  It was crazy cool to see another side of my tree, and not just Chumley’s.  Anyone who follows my ancestry tree and sees when I add tons of people was probably scratching their head and saying, “that’s not a Chumley.”  LOL  I really should write a blog about the process of writing that book.  Geez Louise!  I was a real learning experience.

4 – Still planning and hoping on being a part of the October Genealogy Jamboree in Cumberland Gap, TN this year.  Mark your calendars for the weekend of Friday and Saturday, October 16 & 17.  I have a couple of cousins going to sit and keep me company while sharing stories of our family history and history of the Cumberland Gap area.  The more the merrier I say, so please let me know if you can come on by and sit a spell. 

5 – I am updating my member lists for our group.  I am amazed that when we started our research group in 2010 there were just 8 of us.  While updating my list, I discovered that just 10 years later we have 50 members in our group and 26 are active members and not just contacts.  This is so encouraging, and I am so happy to be a part of this project.   

Moving ahead with our work and loving it!  Please give me some feedback and don’t miss a post.  All you need to do is enter your email under the “FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL” Click Follow and you will receive notifications of new posts by email.

Thanks for checking our update page.

Till next month…happy hunting.

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