July 2020

More thoughts on Organization – Webster defines it as,

1a: the act or process of organizing or of being organized (the organization of his material into a speech).

  b: the condition or manner of being organized (a group with a high degree of organization).

May I expound on the word?  Did I hear, “Yes, please do?”  Thank you. 

1) “the act or process” – the act most often is plural; it takes many acts to organize your work.  The process is ongoing.  Whether you are collaborating with a group or on your own, the process can get bigger than your ready to take on. 

2) “the condition or manner” – I almost laugh at the word condition.  Do you recall the tune by The First Edition that was released in 1967; “I just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)”?  By the way, Kenny Rogers was the lead singer, don’t you love it.  All that nostalgia aside, my condition of being organized, “ain’t so pretty right now.”  I often have a problem of making a wet mess out of things before I can achieve my goal. 

The good news is there is hope for getting all your research and go-to sources you collect over the years in functional order.  Aren’t you glad we never stop learning?  I am.  I am also inspired by others who are willing to teach me what I need to know to achieve my goal, to encourage my efforts, to remind me of my end goal. 

Our Chumley Research Group is made up of several people who have collected information on our Chumley Family, dug through paper or digital files until they found a gem of information related to our Chumley Roots, and then took their information, shared it with each other, and brainstormed the possibilities of where to find more information.  I love what each of us brings to the table and how easily we all get on.  If you have not checked out Our Researchers tab, please do.  They have information how you can contact them and find out the answers you are searching.  We have also listed their affiliations and their direct family line to our Robert and Betsy (Ford) Chumley. 

On the same topic of organization, I have a link to share from Roberta Estes blog that puts getting organized all in perspective.  The article is titled, “10 ways I wish I had organized my research library.”  This woman is a wonder, and on her blog, she has so much interesting information pertaining to genealogy.  I especially enjoy reading her posts and following her thought process of how and why she reaches her conclusions.  Here is the link, check it out: https://dna-explained.com/2020/05/19/10-ways-i-wish-i-had-organized-my-research-library/

Our research group is a great resource to network and learn about your Chumley family genealogy. Anyone interested in joining our Chumley/Chumbley Research Group, please contact me at chumleyfamilytree@gmail.com.

Watch for some upcoming blogs:

Road Trip June 2020 – Lonesome Valley Road in Claiborne County, Tennessee

Until then, happy hunting!


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