Revised 5 generation file

Okay, I have a revised 5 generation file for you, and I deleted the first file I loaded on this page. I was able to put the marriages in the correct order for our descendant report, but it wasn’t easy. I use FTM version 2019. The only way I could fix the order of the marriages was by going to each multiple marriage of each person and then sort them. I tried to figure out how to globally do this for the entire tree, but no luck. I even went online to look for support, no luck. Thanks to our research team, I also fixed some errors that were in the report. I feel I should use a disclaimer posting this “Revised” descendant report, but let me just clarify that this is our 5 generation report as it stands with our research at this time. Ha! All of us know that our research is a never ending, ongoing task and there is always new information coming at you from so many directions, right? This report will serve as our baseline as we move forward and it will be revised as needed. Enjoy and leave me some feedback on the report.

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  1. Roy Wayne Chumley

     /  08/02/2020

    Wow, great work! I am a grandson of Louis & Stella (Arnold) Chumley in the Dallas, TX area. Remember going to Chumley Family Reunions when I was young in Claiborne County, TN and have been to Lonesome Valley, but it was years ago! My dad was Roy Chumley, son of Louis & Stella.


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