Robert and Betsy Descendent report through 5 generations

This file is a complete account of our research for Robert and Betsy Chumley from Claiborne County, Tennessee, as it currently stands on July 31, 2020. The purpose of the Chumley Research Group is to gather information and do research on the descendants of Robert and Betsy Ford Chumley of Claiborne County, Tennessee. We research each family tree through 5 generations from Robert and Betsy Chumley, gathering records, photos, stories, in order to provide proof of the family line. Robert and Betsy had 9 children, and in our group we have direct descendants from most of those children. It is my goal to have a representative from each of the family line to assist anyone that would like to share information about each of the 9 family lines from Robert and Betsy. It will take time and work, but gradually I hope to provide this service in a way that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet as it pertains to our family line.