Andrew Chumbley

The following writing is by Alice Chumbley Lora, a direct descendant and a member of the Chumley/Chumbley Research Group:

ANDREW CHUMBLEY, the eldest son of Robert Chumbley and Elizabeth Betsy Ford, was born about 1803 in Amelia (or Giles) County, Virginia. By 1840 he, along with his brothers John, Lewis and Robert Chumbley were living in Claiborne County, Tennessee, where some of the family stayed and put down roots.

But in the early 1840s, Andrew and his brother Britain [also spelled Britain, Briton, Brittain, Britton] moved to Kentucky and were in the 1850 Pulaski County Census. They and two of Andrew’s sons, William and John J, were buying land and settling their families on land that adjoined the Cub Creek and the Cumberland River, along the border of Russell and Pulaski counties, where they were later joined by their brothers Samuel, Robert Green, James Franklin, Elias Britain, and Martin, along with sisters “Mary” Mahala Ann and Martha A.

[to be continued]

3 responses to “Andrew Chumbley”

  1. I am puzzled with the birthdate given for Andrew, 1786?  That’s the date we have for his father, Robert. Your earlier post this afternoon states his birth as 18 Feb 1803. Just using my eyes. . .Barbara Meger

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