Chumley Family Tree Table at the Genealogy Jamboree Oct 14-15, 2022

Hello everyone, 

I have finally gotten my ducks in a row and we are having a Chumley Family Tree table at the Genealogy Jamboree in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee this year.  

Here is the link to their website:

I have a lot of ideas about what to showcase at our table; old photos, charts, maps, family trees, etc., and I purchased some marketing items to dress it up a little. We have a banner with our website and Facebook addresses.

I am working on 2 booklets we can offer for sale at our table. One Booklet features Robert and Betsy Chumley descendent chart through 4 generations. The other booklet with feature information we have found on Robert and Betsy and a brief bio on each of their 9 children. I will also offer the book that Betty Russell and I published in 2019, The 12-year History of Underwood Grove Baptist Church.

I know a week does not give much notice for our out of state Chumley cousins, but if you could make it, we would sure appreciate you!  And to our local Chumley cousins, come on down and bring your whittling sticks if you have a mind.  Oh, and you might want to bring a lawn chair.  I believe a good ole’ sit and chat of our history and of the local history would be a hoot!  

Hope to see you there!


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