Research Tips

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a few online sites I discovered online that may be interesting to you, not just for the Chumley line, but any tree you might be searching. They may not be new sites to you, but I was sure excited to find them!

1) The Tennessee Virtual Archive (TeVA) is a digital repository of the Tennessee State Library & Archives providing open access to thousands of photographs, documents, maps, postcards, film, audio and other records relating to the history and culture of Tennessee.For example, I searched for maps for Claiborne County, TN and found some very interesting maps: old district maps, land grant maps, etc. Once you open the map, you can download it to your computer, free! Here is the link:

2) The Tennessee Library and Archives has a huge collection of death, military and other Tennessee records. Under the tab Misc. Tenn Records Search, I looked at the list of bible records for the state of Tennessee, under C, and found the surname Chamlee. When I opened the file, there were 8 pages of family records from this family name. I have not researched it to my tree or other researchers trees, but I was excited to find it. You can download any file on this site for free. Here is the link for the Bible records, category C:

3) Tennessee State Library and Archives located in Nashville has a Researchers and Genealogist link to numerous databases and digital resources. There is also a link called “Using the library and archives” that was very helpful. One area, The Patriot Paths,lists the Revolutionary War records of Tennessians who served in the Revolutionary War. I can’t say it is complete, but there are too many for me to count, and I found several of my ancestors. Here is the link to the Patriot paths, patriot list:

You can see the list of names on the left and when you click on a name, it will show you on a map everything they know about the person. Each dot on the map has a different color for birth, enlisting, etc. Here is the legend:

Now I chose my ancestor, Matthew Bussell. Here is his map:

According to this map, using the legend, it shows that he lived in the Lonesome Valley Area of Claiborne County, TN in 1831. He was married in Spotsylvania County, VA (near Richmond, VA) in 1791. The map shows he was discharged in Charles City, VA (when you click on the dot, it gives details) here are the details of Matthew’s discharge information:

The last dot/information they have on record is where Matthew enlisted, here are the details:

A lot of interesting information, so I checked with my research on my Ancestry Family tree and everything fit with my research. I even had this information how he served in the Revolutionary War:

Revoluntionary War – He and his artillery crew were at the Battle of Yorktown and helped bring about the surrender of the British forces of Lord Cornwallis ending the Revolutionary War.1781 • Yorktown, Virginia

This was the most exciting find for me and so easy to use to find an ancestor.

Hope you enjoyed the tips.

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