Our Book

Since 2009 when our Chumley Research Group was formed, we have diligently been working together researching years of collective information regarding our family line. A few of us have met every year in Tennessee and did some foot work and hands-on research and interviews with extended family members.

Finally in August 2013, it was decided we had enough research to beginning writing our book, as researching family history is never a complete project and there is always something to research in searching for ancestors, as any genealogist knows.

In our Chumley Research Group, we have a full staff working on essential parts of our writing. I will be doing the writing, but we also have an editor, several researchers to confirm information with records/resources, a couple of historians to check out the climate of the region we are writing about, etc.

This has been a great undertaking and a long process.  If you have any information on on the Chumley family or have any questions, please contact me at chumleyfamilytree@gmail.com

Kathy Chumley

4 responses to “Our Book”

    • We are working on it, but we find new information and meet more people all the time, so it is too soon to know when we will be ready to publish. Do you have a connection to the Chumley family line? Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. I will be posting an update soon.

      • Yes, I have a connection to the Chumley family line. William G. Chumley is my grandfather. I sent you a FB friend request! I’ll be looking forward to your update! 🙂

      • Of course! You are Beth! So glad you found our blog. I will look for your invite to FB. I also have a Chumley family tree on Facebook. I will invite you to that.

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