The Chumleys of Claiborne County, Tennesse is about the first recorded Chumleys, namely Robert and Betsy Ford Chumley and their descendents.  There have been many who have researched this family line for many years and with the combined efforts, experience, and supportive data, this site is meant to provide information uniquely specific to the Robert and Betsy Chumley family line and to give an upate on the progress of the book we are writing on this family line. Updates will be posted on the “Our Book” page.

This is a work in the making and I will be updating and adding information as time allows.  If you have any questions or have information you would like to share, you can either post a note on my Contact Me page or contact me directly at:

Kathy Chumley



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  1. J.C. Goins

     /  08/24/2013

    Hey Kathy; Great job, this should work great… J.C

    • Thanks JC, check back often to see our progress,

      • Randy Chumley

         /  05/20/2019

        I need help. Glenda Bales Mounger has done research tied to my Chumley family and hers. Reach out please. Thank you

  2. HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU WERE DOING THIS?! THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME!!! I’m coming back with a coffee and a scone to settle in… Muah!


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