The Chumley/Chumbley Research Project

Chumley Family History – Robert and Betsy Chumley and their descendants from Claiborne County, Tennessee

The Chumleys of Claiborne County, Tennessee is about the first recorded Chumleys, namely Robert and Betsy Chumley and their descendants.  There have been many who have researched this family line for many years and with the combined efforts, experience, and supportive data, this site is meant to provide information uniquely specific to the Robert and Betsy Chumley family line. This is a work in progress and I will be updating and adding information as time allows.  If you have any questions or have information you would like to share, you can either post a note on my “Contact Me” page or contact me directly at Kathy Chumley at You can also subscribe for updates to your email below.


      Lewis Franklin Chumley’s great-grandson, Van Weems Chumley

      Some inserts from my Chumley Family Book, this one about my great-grandfather, Van Weems Chumley. Van Weems and Dellar Chumley55th Wedding Anniversary, June 21, 1964 Van Weems Chumley was born the oldest child of Lewis Garrett and Annie Katherine Hammock Chumley on 28 Aug 1887 in Arthur, Claiborne County, Tennessee. Van Weems would learn how…


      Road Trip June 2020 – Lonesome Valley Road in Claiborne County, Tennessee

      What a great time in Lonesome Valley! I can’t tell you how much fun we had. First off the characters in this story are Freddie, my cousin who lives in Claiborne County, my sister Rhonda who was visiting from Colorado, and myself. Whenever my sister says lets go on a road trip, I am in!…


      Robert and Betsy Descendent report through 5 generations

      Years ago, seems so very long ago, a couple of researchers helped me with proofing and creating a complete family tree through 5 generations starting with our oldest proven recorded ancestors, Robert and Betsy Chumley. What an endeavor we undertook. It was a lofty goal and it took all our research talents to complete the…


      July 2020

      More thoughts on Organization – Webster defines it as, 1a: the act or process of organizing or of being organized (the organization of his material into a speech).   b: the condition or manner of being organized (a group with a high degree of organization). May I expound on the word?  Did I hear, “Yes,…


      June 1, 2020

      Since we last talked, so much has happened.  I am slowing getting my office and research materials in shape.  It is that work no one likes to do, but it sure makes better use of our time if we know where to find things.  I am still finding things I forgot I had or stumbling…


      May 1, 2020

      May 1, 2020 The month of April was Crazy.  I am happy to say we are now putting the final touches on the 125-year History of Underwood Grove Baptist Church.  I am so excited how it has turned out.  The collaboration between Betty Russell and I was amazing.  Betty has done the grunt work, running…


      April 1, 2020

      Update as promised: I must admit that getting started on the Chumley book has been overwhelming. I had to order a new computer, which was a downer. I am sure that 1990 called and wanted their computer back, as it was acting up and getting reallllllyyyy slow. I don’t have the patience for slow. When…


      March 1, 2020

      February 28, 2020 Well it has been awhile since I initially started this blog and so much of “life” has gotten in my way, but the life events demand priority at times. I have worked sporadically on the research and organizing digital files as well as paper files.  I have learned that part of writing a…